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Firm Philosophy

David J. Willis has practiced real estate law in Houston for 30 years. During that time he has represented all sides and all types of participants in real estate transactions, both large and small. This extensive experience has led to a firm philosophy based on the following elements:

  1. Each client is unique. All documents are custom-drafted to suit the circumstances and protect the interests of the client. The goal is high quality, not high volume.

  2. Professional currency and efficiency are important. Mr. Willis regularly attends continuing legal education seminars. Documents and procedures are continually improved and updated to assure maximum effectiveness.

  3. Creativity is not limited to artists. Legal problems should be approached with a willingness to consider creative solutions. However, needless complexity and redundancy should be avoided. Sometimes the simplest solution is best.

  4. Documents should be drafted so they can be defended in court. Mr. Willis can represent you both in real estate and business transactions and as a plaintiff or defendant in related litigation. In other words, he can guide you in drafting a contract and then, if necessary, go to court to enforce or defend it.

  5. Good communications are the basis of a solid attorney-client relationship. Mr. Willis seeks to be available and accessible, unlike many big firms who deal with clients through assistants and paralegals. Email is our primary form of communication, and clients agree to check their email once daily.

  6. Ethics are the cornerstone of success. This office is committed to the principles of the Texas Lawyers Creed and the Code of Ethics of the National Realtors Association.

Working with LoneStarLandLaw online was fast and efficient. I received high-quality, sophisticated legal documents - along with the advice I needed - without having to spend hours in a lawyer’s office.

John T.

David J. Willis is a clever lawyer who came up with a great plan to protect my rental property from lawsuits. I feel much more secure now. He is available by email whenever I have questions.

Marion W.

I live in London but was buying a small apartment complex in Texas. Mr. Willis handled the whole transaction for me, as both my lawyer and real estate broker. It was a relief to put the transaction in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Phillip K.

My portfolio contains about 50 rent houses. I rely on David J. Willis for evictions, foreclosures, deeds, and the like. This is a guy who knows the system and gets the job done.

Darrell P.