Payment Options

Terms of Service

Please review Fees & Policies prior to making payment since these include our non-negotiable terms of service that apply to all clients in place of individual fee agreements or engagement letters. Proceeding with payment indicates your unconditional agreement and acceptance.

Payment Options


Direct deposit to our firm’s operating account at Wells Fargo. “Direct Deposit” means a physical deposit of cash or a transfer of immediately available funds (i.e., nota check) with no hold or fees charged to us. Discount may be available – inquire.

Wire transfer to our operating account. “Wire” means an electronic transfer of presently available funds with no hold, delay, or fees charged to us. Discount may be available – inquire.

Cryptocurrency. Crypto payment is not yet available, but we are working on adding it to our system.

Exclusions. Sorry, we do not accept personal or business checks including e-checks; installment payment plans for legal fees; pre-paid legal insurance plans; or Chase Quick Pay.

Secure system. Payment is private and secure through either Paypal or Wells Fargo Merchant Services if using other cards. We do not see your credit or debit card information. The system will generate an email acknowledgment to you if payment is successfully processed.

Thank you for retaining our firm. We look forward to being of service to you.

For a limited time, take a 5% discount for using Paypal
(up to a $200 aggregate maximum per client)