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Legal Services and Fees

We handle cases involving Texas residential real estate law and commercial real estate law including a wide range of document preparation for real property transactions. We also focus on business law, including contracts for the purchase and sale of entities related to real estate. Our asset protection practice includes formation of traditional LLCs and series LLCs in both Texas and Nevada, partnerships and joint ventures, and a variety of investor trusts and living trusts. Our clientele includes hundreds of real estate investors.

We do not handle construction law, condominium law, zoning law, or HOA law; bankruptcy or other federal matters; probate of wills and estates (except for affidavits of heirship); securities law; divorce or family law; patent or copyright law; immigration; insurance law; or tax law. Our firm is not affiliated with a title company, so we do not conduct title searches or issue title policies. Finally, we do not offer tax or accounting advice. Please consult a qualified tax advisor in conjunction with seeking legal advice.   

Please visit Fees & Policies for a comprehensive list of our services and fees. That section also includes terms of service that apply to all clients in place of individual fee agreements or engagement letters.

Our Process

Our online inquiry process is easy, efficient, and popular with clients. All new cases and clients are processed exclusively through this website, not by phone or in the office. Most routine tasks - initial consultations, entity formations, asset protection and litigation reviews, and most document preparation tasks - are now handled entirely online. No office visit is necessary for these cases. 

If you are uncertain of the law, would like your case or situation evaluated, need to have existing documentation reviewed, or wish to discuss your legal options, then a paid online consultation is your best first step. Consultations are handled online, in the form of an email dialogue between attorney and client. Our goal with consultations is to thoroughly discuss the legal issues involved and respond to your questions. It is not necessary to set a specific appointment time. Both consultation requests and document preparation requests go into our queue in the order in which payment is made.

Turn-around time on consultations and most document preparation projects is usually about two business days from the time we receive all necessary information and payment from the client. Copies of supporting documents can be emailed or faxed to (832) 201-5327. A supplementary phone call is available after the email discussion but is limited to 20 minutes. For complete details on our online consultation process and fees, go to:

Residential or Commercial Consultation – Process and Fees

Asset Protection Review – Process and Fees

If you know what legal service you need, and that service is among those we offer, we are ready to respond promptly. Just choose the item from our fee schedule (Fees & Policies) and make payment, which then places your file in our queue. Please note that we do not create a file or download attachments until payment is made. See payment options.

Business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted. This is how we define a business day for purposes of turnaround. Evening and weekend emails are considered received on the next business day.

Client Inquiry Form

Please provide a concise summary of your case so we can determine if there is a good match between your legal issues and the professional services we provide. When and where do events occur? Who is involved? Is the case residential or commercial? Is litigation pending? What is the dollar amount? Also, what is the goal of your inquiry – a consultation? Document preparation? LLC formation or other asset protection issue? We need basic information but ask that you please limit your explanation to around 200 words.

Your inquiry is confidential. Our reply will be in the form of preliminary comments (not a formal consultation or legal opinion) which may come from a legal assistant or one of our qualified associated attorneys. Fees apply beyond our initial response. No free attorney time is available.

Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to resolving your legal issues.

  1. Please double check the accuracy of your email address.

Our preliminary response is without charge but there is a fee for any consultation that may follow.

  1. Please limit your case summary to around 200 words.

    1. *I unconditionally accept and agree to the terms of service set forth at Fees & Policies. I understand that these apply to all clients without exception in lieu of individual fee agreements or engagement letters.

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Contact Information

All inquiries and new cases are processed exclusively by means of the above Client Inquiry Form, not by phone or in the office. For online security reasons (persistent hacking attempts) we do not open inquiries that are sent directly to our firm’s email address. Our main phone is (713) 621-3100 – but again, we require that the Client Inquiry Form be used for your initial contact. Our fax number is (832) 201-5321. For our address, see Location. Thank you for your interest in our law firm.