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I want to thank you for the information provided on your website. As a litigation lawyer, I have referred to this information more than once.

Brownsville Attorney Barry R. Benton

Thank you for the immediate response on a Saturday. I didn't think I would hear from you till Monday. Excellent customer service!

Client Jeff H.

I always check your website and it is very inspiring. Not to mention that you are a great attorney.

Investor Client Francisco P.

I frequently refer to your website and book when I get stuck on real estate matters. The information is extremely helpful.

San Antonio Attorney Lisa Galvan

I give your book an A+. You are a rock star in our legal community!

Woodlands Attorney David Borger

David, you are the man. The future of law is with you!


I was referred to Mr. Willis by a title company. Though his office uses email as the primary form of communication, his replies are surprisingly quick. Documents are produced very quickly as well, often within the day. Mr. Willis's level of detail and professionalism is top notch.

Client T. Scott

I have to say, these are the most detailed, best written real estate documents that I have seen so far. You really mean what you say on your website.

San Antonio Broker and Investor Rolando Flores

I was recently sued and showed my litigation attorney the asset protection structure that you built for us two years ago. “Perfect!” he said. Thank you, David.

Client Peter W.

What a great resource! I liked your book so much I purchased the Kindle version to have on my phone. I’ve recommended it to my investor and Realtor clients.

Dallas Attorney John Andrews

Months after setting up my LLC David Willis continued to answer questions and provide guidance, usually within a matter of hours. I would strongly recommend LoneStarLandLaw to any investor seeking a trusted business partner.

Client Robert H

I must say your articles always impress me. I like your style. I don't make it to Houston often, but next time I do, I owe you lunch.

Dallas Attorney Matthew Aycock

I was delighted to find your concise and well-written article on adverse possession. As a professional educator for 25 years, I appreciate the style and manner with which you approach public education. Thank you!

Client Hank M., Phd.

I would be happy to provide a testimonial although it looks like you have a long list of them already. Can't thank you enough. I'll definitely use your services in the future.

Client Ben P.

Your book is a terrific resource!

El Paso Attorney Kathleen Crook

Your book is a very easy and informative read. I will gladly and confidently refer clients to you.

Houston Attorney Kevin J. Smith

It is a rarity and a great pleasure to do business with someone who is so thorough, accurate and prompt.

Clients Rod and Michelle F.

Thank you very much for all your help! You have provided a very valuable service to me and I highly appreciate it. I will recommend you to everybody should someone ask me for an recommendation for a real estate attorney.

Client Sanjay P.

David Willis is the consummate real estate lawyer, and possesses uncanny skill at structuring deals.

Houston Attorney Carol Guess

Excellent book!

J. Thomas Black, Houston Attorney

I would never have expected David to reply to my email on a weekend but he did. He is a very diligent, dedicated, and knowledgeable attorney. The website is so informative - it offers easy-to-understand explanations to real estate and asset protection questions.

Client Chris V.

I've been so impressed with your website and your expertise. I would endorse you anytime.

Dallas Attorney Charlie Kim

As I acquired more investment properties – I now own about 50 rental houses – I became more concerned with asset protection. David Willis was able to create a simple two-company structure that recently withstood a court challenge. Having my real estate assets securely protected certainly adds to my peace of mind.

Client Bryan P.

Working with LoneStarLandLaw online was fast and efficient. I received high-quality, sophisticated legal documents - along with the advice I needed - without having to spend hours in a lawyer’s office.

Client John T.

David J. Willis is a clever lawyer who came up with a great plan to protect my rental property from lawsuits. I feel much more secure now. He is available by email whenever I have questions.

Client Marion W.

As a corporate attorney who does real estate I can say with confidence that David Willis is the real estate law leader in Texas.

Dallas Attorney Kevin Vela

I live in London but was buying a small apartment complex in Texas. Mr. Willis handled the whole transaction for me, as both my lawyer and real estate broker. It was a relief to put the transaction in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Client Phillip K.

My portfolio contains a mixture of rent houses and owner-financed properties. I rely on David Willis for evictions, foreclosures, deeds, leases, options, and the like. This is a guy who knows the system and gets the job done.

Client Darrell P.

As an attorney I am familiar with David Willis' expertise in real estate. I highly recommend his book. If David wrote it, you can depend on it!

Woodlands Attorney Paul Spielvogel

Not long ago my LLC was sued over a contract - and I was sued along with it, personally. David Willis was eventually able to get my name removed from the suit. He also filed a counterclaim for a frivolous lawsuit. He is an aggressive lawyer to have on your side.

Client James S.

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Our Online Process

The internet has revolutionized the way many law firms do business and we are no exception. Beginning this year, routine tasks – including all initial consultations, all entity formations, asset protection reviews, and most document preparation – are handled exclusively online, supplemented by phone if necessary. We no longer review, accept, or discuss new cases by phone or by in-office meeting.

Our online process is easy and efficient. To get started, let us know basic details in 200 words or less and we will respond with preliminary remarks (not a consultation or legal opinion). The next step, if you choose, is a paid consultation, an order for document preparation, an asset protection review (APR), or a request that we form an entity for your business. It is not necessary to set a specific appointment time. Online consultations and APRs may be spread over a maximum of three calendar days for Q&A before automatically concluding. Turn-around on consultation questions and most document preparation projects is usually one to two business days from the time we receive payment and all necessary information from the client. Copies of supporting documents can be emailed or faxed to (832) 201-5327. Supplementary phone calls, if needed, are limited to 20 minutes.

Office Hours

Both our law firm and this website operate during customary business hours - 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted. We are available to receive and respond to inquiries and emails during these hours. This is how we define a "business day" for purposes of turnaround. Evening emails from clients are considered received on the next business day. Weekend services are offered on a limited basis for a surcharge of 20%.

Cost of Legal Services

High demand makes it unfortunately impossible for us to offer free consultations or any form of free attorney time, whether online, by phone, or in the office.

You will notice an itemized list of sample entry-level fees below. These are for online services. A range of in-office services (after the initial consultation) is available at 150% of the corresponding online fee. A complete list of fees is available at Fees & Policies.

Scope of Practice

We handle a broad range of cases pertaining to Texas real estate law (residential and commercial), business law (contracts and transactions) and asset protection (entity and trust formation in Texas and Nevada). However, there are limitations. We do not handle probate, securities law, bankruptcy or other federal matters, divorce, patent or copyright law, immigration, insurance, or tax law; we are not a title company, so we do not do title searches or issue title policies; we do not work with appraisal district valuation cases or appeals; and we do not represent clients in loan modification disputes.

Please note that Mr. Willis is not an accountant, CPA, or tax attorney and does not offer book keeping, accounting, or tax advice at all. We suggest you consult your CPA on such matters in conjunction with legal advice you may receive from us.

Geographical Limitations

We consult with clients and deliver real estate and business documents all over Texas - indeed the world, since many Texans live in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, at present, we litigate and do foreclosures and evictions only in the Houston area.

Entry-Level Online Fees

If you do not know what sort of documents you may need, are uncertain of the law, would like your case or situation evaluated, or need to have existing documentation reviewed before proceeding, then a consultation is the appropriate first step. Fees are:

Residential Real Estate Consultation
Pertaining to one's personal homestead
(up to 1 hour of attorney time)

$225 for sales price or issues up to
$600,000; $275 to 1.1M; $375 over 1.1M

Commercial Real Estate Consultation
Pertaining to business issues/investments
(up to 1 hour of attorney time)

$275 for sales price or issues up to
$600,000; $375 to 1.1M; $475 over 1.1M

Asset Protection Review (APR)
Dialogue to discuss your optimal structure
or asset defense (up to 1.5 hours)
$350 for net assets/issues/amounts up to
$600,000; $550 to 1.1M; $750 up to 5M

Other frequently-requested services:
Residential Real Estate Contract Review/Comment (Not a Re-Write) - Fees Apply to TREC and TAR Standard Contracts Only (No builder contracts are reviewed):
Sales Price up to $600,000 - $225
Sales Price of $601,000 to $1,100,000 - $325
Sales Price of $1,100,000 to $5,000,000 - $525
Litigation Review (Pending or Threatened Litigation):
Amount in Controversy up to $600,000 - $350
$601,000 - $1,100,000 - $550
In Excess of $1,100,000 - $750
Real Estate Documents (Residential and Commercial) - $225 & up excluding filing

LLC (TX or NV) - Traditional LLC - $950 plus ff and costs
LLC (TX or NV) - Series LLC - $1,650 & up plus ff and costs
LLC (TX or NV) - with Anonymity - $2,500 Traditional, $3,500 Series
LLC Hub-Sub Structure - with Anonymity - $7,995 plus ff and costs
Litigation Retainer - $7,500 & up

Owner-finance documentation (for paid-for properties) - Sales price up to $250,000 - $650; $251,000 to 500,000 $750; $501,000 to 1,000,000 - $850, all excluding filing

Living Trusts for the homestead - $750; Warranty Deed of homestead into trust ($225)

Wraparounds - $750 (residential) and $1,250 (commercial)

We offer many more legal services than those listed above. See Fees & Policies for a comprehensive list.

Fee Policies

Please visit our Fees & Policies page since it includes our non-negotiable terms of service applicable to allclients (without exception) in place of individual fee agreements or engagement letters.

Our flat fees apply to 90% of cases. However, fees may occasionally be subject to some variability, at our discretion, since no two cases are alike. Some cases may be too complex for a flat fee. In other situations it may be difficult to establish exact fees and costs in advance, so we may request an appropriate initial retainer (usually ranging from $750 to $5,000) and bill against it based on our flat fees, our $350 hourly rate, or a combination of both. Any excess will be refunded upon conclusion of the case. Retainers automatically expire after six months, without exception.

We revise our fee schedule from time to time. Fees are subject to change without notice or requirement that they first be posted on this website. Consultation and APR fees are not applied as credits toward future legal work. All quoted fees exclude filing fees and other costs. Our goal is complete transparency on the subject of legal fees, so please ask if you are in doubt.

Advance Payment

Online providers of goods and services (from Amazon to eBay) require advance payment, and we do as well. In other words, we do not send bills after the fact unless you are an established in-office client who has been with us for at least a year. Note that it is payment that puts your task in the queue and causes us to open a file, make a record of any case information you may send, and download your attachments. Payment options are at Make Payment and include Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard. Direct deposit to our operating account at Wells Fargo is also available. Sorry, we do not accept personal or business checks including e-checks; installment plans for the payment of legal fees; pre-paid legal insurance plans; or Chase Quick Pay.

Ready to Proceed?
(1) Article. We suggest that you read our web article pertaining to your legal issue to learn about the law applicable to your case.

(2) Inquiry. Send us a concise inquiry using the Client Inquiry Form below.

(3) Response. We will respond with brief comments (not a consultation or legal opinion).

(4) You Choose What Happens Next. If ready to order a document or other specific item from our fee schedule, please go ahead and do so. If you do not know what documents you need or what legal steps should be taken, then you should choose a residential consultation, a commercial consultation, a litigation review, or an asset protection review.

(5) Advance Payment Required. Secure Paypal and Visa/Mastercard payment options are available. You may want to include (for example) “consultation” or “deed preparation” in the payment description field. The system will generate an email acknowledgement to you if payment is successfully processed. Direct deposit to Wells Fargo is also offered.

(6) Supporting Documents. Please email or fax copies of these after making payment (not before, since we will not yet have set up your file). Professional courtesy requires that each document be transmitted in conventional scan/email fashion, as a single document, rather than sending multiple pages all as separate attachments (very cumbersome for the recipient). For this reason, do not use jpeg format. And please avoid “data dumps” by including only relevant items. Excessively large document transmissions may result in switching from a flat fee to our $350 hourly rate.

(7) Our Service. If a consultation, we then analyze and discuss your case in a dialogue format by email (no videoconferencing available at this time). If you have requested documents, entity formation, or something similar, payment puts that task in our queue.

(8) Turnaround. Consultations are usually handled within one business day. Our goal is a one to two business day turnaround on document preparation projects. For timing purposes, all emails received after our office is closed at 5:30 p.m. CST are considered to be next business day communications. Reasonable follow-up questions and document changes are included within 3 calendar days, after which consultations automatically conclude and any documents we have delivered to you are automatically considered final. 

Confidentiality is assured at all times. However, an attorney-client relationship is not established until we accept your case and payment is received. Until then, (1) our comments are general in nature and do not constitute specific legal advice on which anyone may rely; and (2) we do not represent you and have no obligation to provide legal services or take any action on your case.

Contact Information

Please complete the Client Inquiry Form below for your initial inquiry and then rely primarily on email for subsequent communications to avoid telephone tag. Our direct email address is LoneStarLandLaw@aol.com and our phone is (713) 621-3100 – but we ask that you please use the form below since all inquiries and new cases are processed through this website. We do not review, discuss, or accept new cases by phone or by in-office meeting. Also, we will be unable to assist you unless you indicate your agreement to our terms of service by checking the “I agree” box.

Our address for mail and delivery purposes is 330 Rayford Rd. # 401, Spring, TX 77386. This is a UPS store we contract with to receive and sort the large quantity of mail we receive as a result of representing hundreds of companies. It is not for in-office appointments. Office meetings may be available for certain services (see Location) but fees are higher than for services rendered online. 

Client Inquiry Form

Please provide a concise summary of your case so we can determine if there will be a good match between you, your legal issues, and the professional services we provide. We sincerely want to hear about your case but respectfully make the following requests:

Please do not use the Client Inquiry Form to request free legal advice. Advising on real estate law and asset protection is part of our core business. We charge for professional services.

Please do not use the Client Inquiry Form simply to ask that we call you. No free attorney telephone time is available. However, a phone call may be included as part of a paid consult.

Please do not request discounts or attempt to negotiate fees. Our fees are reasonable in light of our unique specialties and consistent with fees charged by other experienced board-certified attorneys.

Thank you for following our online process and limiting your initial inquiry to 200 words. Our response may come from a legal assistant or one of our qualified associated attorneys. We look forward to being of service to you and resolving your legal issues.

  1. Please double-check your email
    address to make sure it is correct.

Our preliminary comments are without charge but there is a fee for a full consultation.
Please indicate how you will make payment if we proceed.

Please limit your summary to no more than 200 words.

*I unconditionally accept and agree with the terms of service set forth at Fees & Policies. I understand that these apply to all clients without exception in lieu of individual fee agreements or engagement letters.

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