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Your book is a very easy and informative read. I will gladly and confidently refer clients to you.

Houston Attorney Kevin J. Smith

Thank you very much for all your help! You have provided a very valuable service to me and I highly appreciate it. I will recommend you to everybody should someone ask me for an recommendation for a real estate attorney.

Client Sanjay P.

Excellent book!

J. Thomas Black, Houston Attorney

I would never have expected David to reply to my email on a weekend but he did. He is a very diligent, dedicated, and knowledgeable attorney. The website is so informative - it offers easy-to-understand explanations to real estate and asset protection questions.

Client Chris V.

I've been so impressed with your website and your expertise. I would endorse you anytime.

Charlie Kim
Dallas Attorney

As I acquired more investment properties – I now own about 50 rental houses – I became more concerned with asset protection. David Willis was able to create a simple two-company structure that recently withstood a court challenge. Having my real estate assets securely protected certainly adds to my peace of mind.

Client Bryan P.

Working with LoneStarLandLaw online was fast and efficient. I received high-quality, sophisticated legal documents - along with the advice I needed - without having to spend hours in a lawyer’s office.

Client John T.

David J. Willis is a clever lawyer who came up with a great plan to protect my rental property from lawsuits. I feel much more secure now. He is available by email whenever I have questions.

Client Marion W.

As a corporate attorney who does real estate I can say with confidence that David Willis is the real estate law leader in Texas.

Kevin Vela
Dallas Attorney

I live in London but was buying a small apartment complex in Texas. Mr. Willis handled the whole transaction for me, as both my lawyer and real estate broker. It was a relief to put the transaction in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Client Phillip K.

My portfolio contains a mixture of rent houses and owner-financed properties. I rely on David Willis for evictions, foreclosures, deeds, leases, options, and the like. This is a guy who knows the system and gets the job done.

Client Darrell P.

As an attorney I am familiar with David Willis' expertise in real estate. I highly recommend his book. If David wrote it, you can depend on it!

Paul Spielvogel
Woodlands Attorney

Not long ago my LLC was sued over a contract - and I was sued along with it, personally. David Willis was eventually able to get my name removed from the suit. He also filed a counterclaim for a frivolous lawsuit. He is an aggressive lawyer to have on your side.

Client James S.


This website is a service of DAVID J. WILLIS ATTORNEY AND REAL ESTATE BROKER, a Texas law firm founded in 1980. Its purpose is to provide high-quality online legal services relating to Texas real estate law (residential and commercial) and business law with a focus on asset protection and investment structuring utilizing Texas and Nevada LLCs, land trusts, living trusts, and strategic planning. We provide documents and services to anyone buying, selling, leasing, or investing in residential or commercial real estate in Texas.

David J. Willis is a double board-certified Texas lawyer on the cutting edge of the intersection of real estate law and asset protection, particularly in his use of Series LLCs. The range of available services is reflected in our legal articles in the column to the left. These articles offer up-to-date analysis and guidance that could cost thousands at many law firms. We offer this information at no charge as our equivalent of a free consultation.

Our clients are investors and businesspersons from Singapore to San Antonio to Spain so we operate in multiple time zones. Accordingly, emails are given absolute priority over phone calls and are answered promptly.


After three decades of maintaining a full-service office in Houston and a branch in Dallas, employing many staff and associate attorneys over the years, Mr. Willis now offers legal services primarily online, supplemented by phone as needed. Quality online services is undoubtedly the wave of the future but it may not be for everyone. In-office services are available on a limited basis at significantly greater expense. Our process:

(1) Please read the article pertaining to your legal issue to learn applicable law and then email your inquiry (200 words max) at Contact Us.

(2) We will promptly respond with brief preliminary comments (not a full consult), confirmation that we handle your type of case, and a fee quote. If you choose, a detailed paid consult, document preparation, or other legal service follows.

(3) Go to Make Payment and cover fees and costs. Afterward, email or fax us background documents relevant to your case. We will promptly set up your file and get to work. It is not necessary to set a specific appointment time. Initial consultations are handled online and, after an email discussion of the issues, may be supplemented by phone if needed.

(4) We then review your circumstances and discuss the case until legal advice and guidance are substantially complete. Transactional documents are usually delivered within 24 to 48 business hours. LLC formation documents are usually processed and sent to the Secretary of State the same day.

(5) Reasonable follow-up and document changes within the immediate time frame (up to three days) are included.

We know of no one delivering quality legal services who is faster or more efficient.


We form LLCs in Texas and Nevada (our preferred asset protection states) to achieve operational efficiency as well as liability protection, anonymity, deterrence of lawsuits, and insulation from judgments. We often recommend the new Series LLC which compartmentalizes assets and liabilities (into Series A, Series B, etc.) so the same company may safely hold multiple properties or businesses. To date, we have likely formed more Series LLCs than any other law firm in Texas. Read Asset Protection in Texas.

Many clients arrive with a dozen or more entities woven together in complex and confusing ways. We often reduce these structures down to two LLCs – a shell management company (either a traditional or Series LLC) that conducts daily business alongside a separate holding company (a Series LLC) that quietly owns assets. We utilize anonymity techniques whenever possible. For a compact outline, view three levels of asset protection as well as our asset protection diagram.


We have a limited inventory of established Texas and Nevada shelf companies that include our best anonymity and asset protection features. These premium LLCs are ready for immediate shipment.


Wraparounds, assumptions, "subject to" sales, owner financing, land trusts, options, and other creative transactions are a specialty of ours – even though availability of these devices is limited by 2005 changes to the Texas Property Code. We send documents to buyers, sellers, and investors all over Texas. Articles on these topics are found in the column to the left.


Living trusts avoid probate while preserving homestead protections and ad valorem tax status. A living trust (combined with a pour-over will) should be considered as part of most estate plans. We also offer a unique and creative method by which a living trust simultaneously controls an investor’s LLC. Read Living Trusts in Texas.


Asset protection includes removal of judgment liens from the homestead. This can be challenging but has been made easier by Property Code Sec. 52.0012(c) for liens abstracted after September 1, 2007. Read Lien Removal in Texas.


30 years experience in Texas transactions and litigation
Board Certified – Residential Real Estate Law, TBLS
Board Certified – Commercial Real Estate Law, TBLS
AV rated for ethical standards and professional ability
Two law degrees (J.D. and LL.M.)
Former adjunct law professor
Texas real estate broker
Listed as one of Texas’ Top-Rated Lawyers by Law.com

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Adherence to high ethical and performance standards is part of our firm philosophy. We subscribe to The Texas Lawyer’s Creed and the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors. Our clients’ confidentiality is paramount. Even so, we are occasionally asked for a client list. This is never provided. We would no more reveal the identity of our clients than would a Swiss bank.


Generally, flat fees (plus costs) apply rather than hourly rates. We strive for transparency at Fees & Policies which apply to all clients in place of engagement letters or fee agreements. Entry-level services include:

Online Real Estate/Business Law Consult. $150 (residential) and $250 (commercial). We need to see your documentation to effectively advise you.

Online Asset Protection Review (APR). $250. The APR is an analysis of your circumstances with recommendations for a suitable asset protection structure.

Although we have internet presence and capability, this is not a discount law firm. No free attorney time is available.


Our documents are continually evolving and innovating. The ADR is offered for clients who have asked us to prepare documents in the prior year. It is strongly recommended. The purpose of the ADR is to (1) make sure that the client has the latest version of each document in the client’s package; and (2) in the case of LLCs, to prepare minutes for the annual meeting. Fees are $250.


We are occasionally compared to Legalzoom, investor "guru" websites, or other online sources. We are not enthusiastic about this comparison since such sources often supply only basic forms that may not be prepared by attorneys or be Texas-specific. By contrast, this firm offers custom documents at a high level of expertise. We spend considerable time re-writing non-lawyer internet junk that has caused more harm than benefit to our clients.


LoneStarLandLaw serves real estate and business clients worldwide. Our principal office is in the Houston area. David J. Willis is a Texas real estate attorney serving Houston, The Woodlands, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Midland, and El Paso. David J. Willis is also a Texas asset protection attorney for anyone who owns real estate or business interests in Texas and is considering forming a Texas Series LLC or a Nevada Series LLC as part of an asset protection or investment structuring plan.