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I want to thank you for the information provided on your website. As a litigation lawyer, I have referred to this information more than once.

Brownsville Attorney Barry R. Benton

Thank you for the immediate response on a Saturday. I didn't think I would hear from you till Monday. Excellent customer service!

Client Jeff H.

I always check your website and it is very inspiring. Not to mention that you are a great attorney.

Investor Client Francisco P.

I frequently refer to your website and book when I get stuck on real estate matters. The information is extremely helpful.

San Antonio Attorney Lisa Galvan

I give your book an A+. You are a rock star in our legal community!

Woodlands Attorney David Borger

David, you are the man. The future of law is with you!


I was referred to Mr. Willis by a title company. Though his office uses email as the primary form of communication, his replies are surprisingly quick. Documents are produced very quickly as well, often within the day. Mr. Willis's level of detail and professionalism is top notch.

Client T. Scott

I have to say, these are the most detailed, best written real estate documents that I have seen so far. You really mean what you say on your website.

San Antonio Broker and Investor Rolando Flores

I was recently sued and showed my litigation attorney the asset protection structure that you built for us two years ago. “Perfect!” he said. Thank you, David.

Client Peter W.

What a great resource! I liked your book so much I purchased the Kindle version to have on my phone. I’ve recommended it to my investor and Realtor clients.

Dallas Attorney John Andrews

Months after setting up my LLC David Willis continued to answer questions and provide guidance, usually within a matter of hours. I would strongly recommend LoneStarLandLaw to any investor seeking a trusted business partner.

Client Robert H

I must say your articles always impress me. I like your style. I don't make it to Houston often, but next time I do, I owe you lunch.

Dallas Attorney Matthew Aycock

I was delighted to find your concise and well-written article on adverse possession. As a professional educator for 25 years, I appreciate the style and manner with which you approach public education. Thank you!

Client Hank M., Phd.

I would be happy to provide a testimonial although it looks like you have a long list of them already. Can't thank you enough. I'll definitely use your services in the future.

Client Ben P.

Your book is a terrific resource!

El Paso Attorney Kathleen Crook

Your book is a very easy and informative read. I will gladly and confidently refer clients to you.

Houston Attorney Kevin J. Smith

It is a rarity and a great pleasure to do business with someone who is so thorough, accurate and prompt.

Clients Rod and Michelle F.

Thank you very much for all your help! You have provided a very valuable service to me and I highly appreciate it. I will recommend you to everybody should someone ask me for an recommendation for a real estate attorney.

Client Sanjay P.

David Willis is the consummate real estate lawyer, and possesses uncanny skill at structuring deals.

Houston Attorney Carol Guess

Excellent book!

J. Thomas Black, Houston Attorney

I would never have expected David to reply to my email on a weekend but he did. He is a very diligent, dedicated, and knowledgeable attorney. The website is so informative - it offers easy-to-understand explanations to real estate and asset protection questions.

Client Chris V.

I've been so impressed with your website and your expertise. I would endorse you anytime.

Dallas Attorney Charlie Kim

As I acquired more investment properties – I now own about 50 rental houses – I became more concerned with asset protection. David Willis was able to create a simple two-company structure that recently withstood a court challenge. Having my real estate assets securely protected certainly adds to my peace of mind.

Client Bryan P.

Working with LoneStarLandLaw online was fast and efficient. I received high-quality, sophisticated legal documents - along with the advice I needed - without having to spend hours in a lawyer’s office.

Client John T.

David J. Willis is a clever lawyer who came up with a great plan to protect my rental property from lawsuits. I feel much more secure now. He is available by email whenever I have questions.

Client Marion W.

As a corporate attorney who does real estate I can say with confidence that David Willis is the real estate law leader in Texas.

Dallas Attorney Kevin Vela

I live in London but was buying a small apartment complex in Texas. Mr. Willis handled the whole transaction for me, as both my lawyer and real estate broker. It was a relief to put the transaction in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing.

Client Phillip K.

My portfolio contains a mixture of rent houses and owner-financed properties. I rely on David Willis for evictions, foreclosures, deeds, leases, options, and the like. This is a guy who knows the system and gets the job done.

Client Darrell P.

As an attorney I am familiar with David Willis' expertise in real estate. I highly recommend his book. If David wrote it, you can depend on it!

Woodlands Attorney Paul Spielvogel

Not long ago my LLC was sued over a contract - and I was sued along with it, personally. David Willis was eventually able to get my name removed from the suit. He also filed a counterclaim for a frivolous lawsuit. He is an aggressive lawyer to have on your side.

Client James S.


Our Purpose

Thank you for visiting. This website is a service of DAVID J. WILLIS ATTORNEY AND REAL ESTATE BROKER, a Texas law firm established in 1980. Its purpose is to expand the scope of our firm’s traditional in-office services by providing online legal counsel relating to Texas real estate law and Texas business law. LoneStarLandLaw has successfully assisted over a thousand online clients for more than a decade and has a proven record of expertise, efficiency, and integrity. Read our Google reviews.

Our fees are usually quoted in the form of flat fees (plus costs) although hourly rates and retainer arrangements may be available in certain cases as well. We strive for 100% transparency when it comes to legal fees. Go to Fees & Policies for details on fees plus our terms of service which apply to all clients.

Unique Online Process

The success of this website has changed the way our law firm does business. All new cases are now efficiently reviewed and screened online at Contact Us. We no longer review, discuss, or accept new cases by phone or by in-office meeting. Initial consultations, all LLC formations, and routine real estate documents and business transactions are handled exclusively online at economical online fees. A range of in-office services after the initial consultation is offered but at fees higher than those quoted for online items.

Our goal is a one to two business day turnaround whenever possible, both on consultations and document preparation. Reasonable follow-up questions and document changes are included within three calendar days after which a consultation concludes and any documents we have delivered are automatically considered final.

Texas Real Estate Transactions

We offer high-quality legal documents for buyers and sellers in Texas residential real estate transactions and Texas commercial real estate transactions. Examples include earnest money contracts, warranty deeds, real estate lien notes, deeds of trust, leases, options, affidavits, assignments, partnerships, and joint venture agreements. Our focus is on preparing quality custom documents on a per-transaction basis. A list with flat fees can be found at Fees & Policies.

One of our specialties is preparation of creative Texas closing documents – owner financing, wraparounds, "subject to" transactions, land trusts, and the like – many of which have become highly regulated and complex as a consequence of Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act.

Asset Protection in Texas

Our innovative approaches to investment structuring and asset protection utilize Texas LLCs, Nevada LLCs, and creative devices such as trusts and anonymity techniques in order to achieve liability protection, anonymity, deterrence of lawsuits, and insulation from judgments. Scroll down to see diagrams illustrating some of our more popular asset protection structures.

We work extensively with Texas series LLCs and Nevada series LLCs. These entities compartmentalize assets and liabilities into Series A, Series B, etc. so that the same company may safely hold multiple assets or businesses with minimal risk of spillover liability. This contrasts with a traditional LLC that holds its assets in a collectively vulnerable pool. For a compact outline, view four levels of asset protection.

We often succeed in simplifying the way our clients do business while significantly improving asset protection. If you would like an overview of our approach to entity structuring and asset protection, read Asset Protection in Texas.

Living Trusts in Texas

Texas living trusts for the homestead are designed to avoid probate while preserving homestead protections and lowering ad valorem tax status. A Texas living trust (combined with a Texas pour-over will) should be considered as part of most estate plans and as an adjunct to an asset protection plan. Read Living Trusts in Texas.

Shelf Companies

We have a limited inventory of established Texas shelf LLCs and Nevada shelf LLCs that include our best anonymity and asset protection features including already registered assumed names (See Texas and Nevada shelf companies). These premium LLCs are ready for immediate shipment to clients for whom time is a critical factor.

Qualifications and Experience

David J. Willis is a double board-certified Texas lawyer on the cutting edge of the intersection of real estate law and asset protection. The innovative concepts and methods described in his book Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Investors are changing the ways investors structure their Texas real estate investments.

David J. Willis - Texas Real Estate Attorney
35 years experience in Texas transactions and litigation
Board Certified – Residential Real Estate Law, TBLS
Board Certified – Commercial Real Estate Law, TBLS
AV rated for ethical standards and professional ability
Two law degrees (J.D. and LL.M.)
Former adjunct law professor
Texas real estate broker
Listed as one of Texas’ Top-Rated Lawyers by Law.com
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Ethics and Confidentiality

Adherence to high standards of ethics and confidentiality is part of our firm philosophy. We subscribe to The Texas Lawyer's Creed and the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors.

Our Clientele

Texas – particularly the triangle encompassing Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin – is a popular place to invest. The Texaplex, as it is sometimes called, contains five of the twenty biggest cities in the U.S. Although we are based in Houston, our clientele includes businesspersons and investors who reside around the globe, literally from Singapore to San Antonio to Spain. Since our office operates in multiple time zones, emails are given priority over phone calls and are answered promptly.

Comparison to other Online Sources

LoneStarLandLaw is occasionally compared to Legalzoom and Rocket Lawyer. We are not enthusiastic about this comparison since these other sources tend to offer simplistic forms that may not be prepared by Texas lawyers and may not even be compliant with Texas law. We spend considerable time re-writing internet junk that has caused more harm than benefit to our clients.

Areas Served

LoneStarLandLaw serves real estate, business, and asset protection clients worldwide. Our principal office is in the Houston area which encompasses Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County. David J. Willis is a Texas real estate attorney serving Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Galveston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Midland, El Paso, and all areas of Texas. David J. Willis is also a Texas business and asset protection attorney for anyone who owns real estate or business interests in Texas and is considering forming a Texas series LLC or a Nevada series LLC as part of an asset protection plan for real estate investments or other commercial interests.